Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.


I have been a keen astronomer since 2006 my parents bought me my telescope for Christmas. Since then I have bought several other telescopes, completed university courses and even created my own website where I share even more writings and my astrophotos.


Too much Light Pollution
10th June 2006Observations
I started off photographing the Moon, experimenting with the mirror lockup feature on the camera which lifts the mirror and lets the vibrations dampen off before taking the picture.
Clear skies and a New Camera
30th May 2006Observations
Tonight I had the first clear night since I have been able to walk, so didn't waste any time volunteering my father to help carry the equipment to the top of the garden!
A Perfect Moonless Sky
22nd January 2006Observations
Clear skies again, this time without the moon. Amazing what a difference a moonless sky makes to viewing conditions.
First Clear Skies with New Skywatcher Telescope
12th January 2006Observations
I can finally use my new Skywatcher telescope that I had for Christmas, as tonight I finally had clear skies! I have the Explorer 200 model which is a 200mm Newtonian reflector.