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Antares Laser Collimator

Accurately align telescope mirrors with this ingenious tool

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Accurate collimation is vital for image quality in Newtonian optics, and this laser collimator makes the job so easy.

Once the focuser is perfectly aligned with the secondary, it is simply a case of adjusting the secondary to point the holographic laser dot inside the central marking on the primary, then to adjust the primary so that the return beam is back in the collimator. The process is described further in my guide to collimating Newtonian telescopes.

I had been struggling to collimate manually for a while now, but since I have had a laser collimator, the process only took a few minutes!

This collimator is solid, machined out of aluminium with a pewter finish. Instead of a target screen to be viewed end on, it features a plate cut at 45 degrees so the return beam is visible from the primary mirror end of the telescope. This allows you to see what your adjustments are doing.

Last updated on: Tuesday 20th June 2017



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