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A few astronomy-related DIY projects and astronomy hacks, from reducing light pollution to building filters and spectroscopes. All these projects can be built with everyday household items.

I've just uncovered my old telescope, how do I go about making it usable again? How do I clean the mirror? How do I get everything back together properly?
Resurrecting an Old Telescope





This guide shows you how to perform an optical alignment your Newtonian telescopes mirrors and get the most from your reflector telescope. It will look at using a homemade Cheshire eyepiece as well as using a laser collimator for accurate results.
Newtonian Telescope Collimation


The Hartmann mask and Scheiner Disk are simple devices for making focusing a lens easier. They require that you target is a point of light, such as a star or distant planet, therefore are no good for day-to-day use.
How To Make and Use a Hartmann Mask


This star trails tool will give an estimate to how long an exposure you need for star trails to form at a given focal length and target declination.
How To Calculate Star Trails


This is a simple construction method for a DIY solar filter to be fitted over the front of a camera lens. The filter, in this case, is a section of Baader film and is designed to fit the end of a telephoto lens. Auto focus still functions correctly on my Canon EOS 350d.
How To Build a DIY Solar Filter


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