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Finally some clear skies when I'm not in work!

Stupid weather being good while I'm working

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Sunny during the day while I'm stuck in the office, get home and the skies cloud over. Typical.

Bank holiday weekend was cloudy and rainy, but finally, Saturday was reasonably clear (until it got dark!). I managed to get a shot of new sunspot 960 as it emerged over the Sun's eastern limb. This complex of sunspots is over 140,000km long so it makes for an easy target with the camera. I will try and get a lot more as it moves around the Sun.

Last night was also a conjunction of Venus with Castor and Pollux in Gemini. All three line up with Venus in the lower left, then Pollux in the middle and Castor at the top right. Saturn also tries to make an appearance in the left of the picture. M44, although not visible in this picture due to clouds on the horizon, is located about halfway between Saturn and Venus.

Conjunction of Venus, Castor and Pollux
Conjunction of Venus, Castor and Pollux

Last updated on: Tuesday 16th January 2018



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