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Astronomy Guides

These guides I have written and posted on my main website where you can learn a lot more about astronomy and astrophotography.

Using a Telescope Finderscope to Navigate the Nights Sky

Thu 19th Sep 2019 - How to use the telescope finderscopes that came with your big telescope to help locate celestial objects in the sky and aid star hopping.

Using Setting Circles on Your Telescope To Find Objects

Tue 4th Jun 2019 - If you have an equatorial mount, being able to use its setting circles will help quickly find objects in the night sky without computers.

How to Star Test a Telescope and Fix Aberrations

Fri 24th Feb 2017 - A star test allows you to measure the quality and accuracy of your telescope and identify if you need to calibrate or collimate it.

How To Make An Eternal Terrarium

Sat 28th Feb 2015 - Discover how to make your own Eternal Terrarium and discover how these fish tank like devices are used to grow tropical plants at home.

Resurrecting an Old Telescope From Storage

Fri 4th Apr 2014 - I've just uncovered my old telescope, how do I go about making it usable again? How do I clean the mirror? How do I put it back together?

How To Make and Use a Bahtinov Mask to Aid Focus

Sat 15th Feb 2014 - The Bahtinov mask is a device used to accurately focus astronomical telescopes. It is named after its inventor Pavel Bahtinov.

How To Install SynScan GoTo Upgrade Kit for HEQ5

Sun 3rd Nov 2013 - A detailed SynScan GoTo upgrade guide with pictures on how to upgrade HEQ5 quartz driven mounts to use SynScan GoTo Upgrade Kit.

Converting Microsoft LifeCam for Astrophotography

Sat 28th Sep 2013 - Guide for modifying the Microsoft LifeCam series of webcams for use with astronomy which should fit snugly into a standard 1.25" focuser.

Newtonian Telescope Collimation and Optical Alignment

Thu 2nd May 2013 - Newtonian telescope collimation allows for accurate optical alignment of the telescopes mirrors and helps get the most from a telescope.

Polar Alignment of an Equatorial Telescope Mount

Wed 2nd May 2012 - This article will show you how to set up your telescope mount and a few methods for polar alignment of an equatorial (EQ) mount.