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Trip to Loch Lomond to Reignite my Astronomy Passion

Published November 20, 2021 by Tim Trott in Observations

After a very long time away from my scopes, my interest in astronomy and astrophotography has been reignited by a trip to Loch Leven watching shooting stars, satellites and just enjoying the night sky.

The trip was last minute, unexpected and not really planned but I still had a camera and tripod and was able to see the stars clearly in a long time. Where I live is heavily light polluted so to see the stars is refreshing.

The Big Dipper over Loch LevenThe Big Dipper over Loch Leven

We had a couple of nights with clear skies, was able to see the stars, identify a few constellations, although I'm so out of practice I could name only a few. In the Pleiades I could pick out 6 of the 7 stars, whilst back home I can barely see the cluster at all. We even saw some Leonids.

It was really good to get out under the stars again, and inspired me to get back into astronomy. A lot has changed since I last got my telescopes out, and they have been living in the attic for at least the past 5 years. Time to get them down and see what's what.


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