Perfect Astronomy


I have been a keen astronomer since 2006 my parents bought me my telescope for Christmas. Since then I have bought several other telescopes, completed university courses and even created my own website where I share even more writings and my astrophotos.

Trying Out New Astrophotography Techniques

Thu 5th Jan 2023 - I haven't been very active in astro imaging the past few years for various reasons, however now I try new astrophotography techniques.

Partial Solar Eclipse 2022

Tue 25th Oct 2022 - On October 25th, 2022, we saw a partial solar eclipse. It was visible over most of Europe, north Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

First Night with Skywatcher Skymax 90

Sat 11th Dec 2021 - Trying out new equipment on a freezing cold winters night - new telescope, old mount.

Trip to Loch Lomond to Reignite my Astronomy Passion

Sat 20th Nov 2021 - After a very long time away from my scopes, my interest in astronomy and astrophotography has been reignited by a trip to Loch Leven watching shooting stars, satellites and just enjoying the night sky.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015

Tue 29th Sep 2015 - A supermoon total lunar eclipse took place between September 27 and 28, 2015. It was seen in the early hours of Monday morning, September 28.

First Moffat Astronomy Photos

Sat 21st Feb 2015 - It's been a while since I've been out under the stars, but tonight I took out my camera and photographed some of the stars and the moon from my own dark sky area for Moffat Astronomy.

Open Clusters, Double Stars and a Nebula

Tue 10th Dec 2013 - Last night I literally dusted off my 200mm (8") Newtonian reflector and set about imaging some more of the winter nights sky.

Getting Back into Astronomy after a Long Break

Fri 6th Dec 2013 - It's been a long time since I have done any night sky viewing, according to my last post on this website it was back in 2010! Well, now I have been out every clear night for the past month (only two nights!) with some new equipment and taken some amazing new photos.

Photos of the Moon

Tue 19th Nov 2013 - Tonight I took out my small telescope and camera and took a few pictures of the Moon and also used a camera lens with the same focal length for comparison.

My First Meteor Shower Photo!

Sat 14th Aug 2010 - With the annual Perseid meteor shower at its peak, I set up the camera under clear skies to try again at photographing a meteor. After a number of years trying I finally managed to get one on digital film!