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Skywatcher Red Dot Finder Scope

A basic red dot finderscope

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The standard red dot finder scope that comes with most Skywatcher telescopes.

This red dot finder scope was part of the package when I bought my StarTravel 102 refractor. Its much smaller than my Telrad reflex finder and I find it much easier to use as well. It mounts directly onto the finder scope bracket, unlike the Telrad which has its own base. The advantage of the separate base is that you can use a 9x50 finder scope as well.

It features adjustable brightness control as well as two alignment screws for calibration. Quick and easy to use and once calibrated it rarely needs doing again.

Last updated on: Tuesday 20th June 2017




Love this simple finder. Easy to locate a target area in a whole sky view, without the bulk of the Telrad or those distracting rings, etc, in the view. I actually mounted another bracket onto my 9x50 finder scope holder; before viewing I slide the red dot into the bracket on top of the finder, and can easily move from general red dot view to 9x50 to scope eyepiece.

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