Puppis - Stern (of the Argo)

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Puppis - Stern (of the Argo)

Learn about the constellation Puppis - Stern (of the Argo), location, facts, mythology, meteor showers and deep space objects.

Puppis is a southern constellation. It is the largest of the three parts into which Argo Navis was split.

Location: Southern Constellation 7.5h RA -30° Dec

As the milky way runs through Puppis, there are a large number of open clusters in the constellation. Messier 46 (M46) and Messier 47 (M47) are two open clusters in the same binocular field. M47 can be seen with the naked eye under dark skies, and its brightest stars are 6th magnitude. Messier 93 (M93) is another open cluster somewhat to the south. NGC 2451 is a very bright open cluster containing the star c Puppis.

Puppis Mythology

Puppis is part of a much larger former constellation, Argo Navis. Argo Navis was the ship used by Jason and the Argonauts on their quest to steal the golden fleece. The Arabs saw this group of stars as two tents with the surrounding stars representing camels.

Puppis Deep Space Objects

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